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Author: Jeff Dixon
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A small but brave donkey and his animal friends become the unsung heroes of the first Christmas / Scores - 5957 vote / 1 H, 26 Min / Genre - Animation / writed by - Simon Moore, Carlos Kotkin / country - USA.

One must wonder how they got all these people to be in this. Some I get, some Im wondering. มะคืนฟังข้ามปี 2018 - 2019 เลย. The star vista mall. I wasn't sure how well I would enjoy this film, but I absolutely loved it! I especially loved Gina Rodrigues' portrayal of Mary as an intelligent, kind and thoughtful young woman with a sense of humor and love for animals. As a Christian, I found this retelling of the birth of Jesus very meaningful. Of course all of the animal antics were created for comedic and entertainment effect, but the essential details were correct, from the appearance of the angel Gabriel to Mary, to Mary's cousin Elizabeth and Zechariah, her priestly husband who was strung dumb for his lack of faith, to King Herod's murderous obsession for the destruction of the Christ child. Like I said, I loved this film and believe most others will, too.

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One of the best movies ever 😭


The star in the sky photos. The star-spangled banner lyrics. Why was the star spangeled famous. What is the star dragon. The starters. The star news. When was the star spangled banner written. Its so soft and good, they have good voices but have too much autotune. maybe if this song haven't autotune, that will be more good. Because I love this original song and anne and james<3 If more thinkin about the artist's feature that will be more good and easy. I'll start this review off by mentioning something specific and unique about this film that proves that I have seen this film while I suspect one reviewer didn't. The film handles the traditional nativity story while modifying the King Herod's attempt to find the Christ child and the Holy Family and murder them. (And, frankly, IMO, that part of the story that leads to the slaughter of the children of Bethlehem is not a suitable subject for family animated movie for children and is wisely left out of this film.) How they changed the King Herod part was to tell the story from the animal's point of view. The donkey Bo, Dave the bird, and Ruth the lamb all notice a new star in the sky and conclude that something great is doing to happen. Now Bo, who is a donkey of a miller, escapes his cruel master, and is adopted by Mary and Joesph. Only after Mary and Joesph leave on their journey to Bethlehem, does Bo learn that Herod has sent a soldier henchman with a long nasty looking sword and two mean chained together dogs to search for Mary and the baby and kill them. Bo enlists the aid of his friend Dave the dove and a lamb named Ruth, to chase after Mary and Joesph in order to warn them of the Soldier hunting them and to protect the holy family. Bo doesn't know why Mary is being hunted. The camels of the Magi, who Bo, Dave, and Ruth don't meet until the end of the film, witness Herod's original plotting. As I said, the film wisely leaves out the massacre of the children of Bethlehem and stops before that point in the biblical narrative means this film does not have a very violent, bloody, and adult scary scene in it for children to watch.
While telling the nativity story from the animals' point of view is not a new idea, using them to modify, and soften Herod's part is.
The animation is stunning in this film.
The story is easy to fallow and treats the traditional nativity story respectfully while infusing the obviously fictional part of the animals talking. It also has jokes in it to keep the tone of the picture light and easy.
The soundtrack's use of the carols and new music is lively, and enjoyable without getting too heavy handed with the religious theme. But the soundtrack doesn't get too light ether. It hits the right balence of seriousness and entertaining.
I would highly recommend taking children to see this film.

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What is the Star Wars series order. How far is the star. The star tarot. Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will still land on the star. We first saw this at Christmas and my expectations were low going in, but it turned out to be great! We took our children, ages 6 and 8, and we all loved it. The story was fun, the characters were engaging. There were laughs and it remained true to the story and meaning of Christmas. I'm so glad it's on Netflix now! We will be watching it many times I'm sure. Who writes the Star newspaper. The star is born sad scene. The star sheffield front page. Who is the star of The Howling. The stroke.

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